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Last Day of (Electoral) College

January 6th, 2021 must be the last day of the Electoral College in American History.

It has been revealed for what it is: the chink in our armor, the tunnel under our moat, our Achilles Heel. Now that the weak point in our democracy has been revealed, it will be exploited again and again until the breach is complete.

We are told that it is all perfunctory, that every step is mandated by the Constitution and purely ceremonial. The votes come in, this determines electorates, they are legally bound, these legally bound electorates are further legally bound to vote a certain way, the legislatures are legally bound to hear those votes, Congress is legally bound to count them, the VP is legally bound to announce the count.

We now know that is false.

We now know that every stage of that process can and will be attacked, and most importantly we now know that the minority party needs no evidence to throw out votes they don’t like.

Hawley’s object was not about fraud. It was about mail-in voting. Mail-in voting that had been used in PA before, only modified because of a raging pandemic. Modified the same way that states Trump won also modified their voting, yet he did not object to them being counted.

No one questioned the validity of the votes cast, or that they represented the will of the people. Yet seven Senators and a hundred Representatives were willing to throw them out simply because their candidate had lost.

AFTER an armed insurrection demanding just that.

Whether they are complicit in fomenting that insurrection is another topic, but that they stood upon the broken glass and bloodied floor and insisted the terrorist’s demands be fulfilled is a fact.

Any excuse it was mere theater or political maneuvering shattered the moment the Capitol doors were breached.

Imagine if Joe Biden had only won the Electoral College by one state. Imagine every lawsuit, every corrupt phone call, everyone ounce of energy that was used to subvert multiple states all channeled against just a handful of officials. Imagine Fox and Newsmax and Oann all aimed at one state’s reps?

Or imagine if Joe Biden had lost the popular vote and won the Electoral College. Do you think yesterday would have been more or less violent? Would more or less Senators have objected to the results?

January 6th proved beyond any doubt a Republican Congress will steal the Presidency if it can. A MAJORITY of House Republicans voted for the objections. If they had been the majority party, it would have worked.

Having a true popular vote for the Presidency is the only way to ensure the winner of the election will be seated as President.

It is time to fix our weak point. We must shore up the defenses of our sacred democracy.

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