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We are witnessing a miracle. Time travel has been perfected. Who would have thought it possible!

I submit the following as absolute proof of time travel:

According to Republicans, liberals have invented Cancel Culture. Very recently. It’s some NEW phenomenon of which we must all be terrified.

And yet, according to my sources, this very NEW Cancel Culture, this recent leftist innovation, has now been retroactively used throughout history!! Even by conservatives!! That could only have happened if time travel is real and thriving!!

From what I’m reading, a mid-30’s prophet type bearded male living in the middle east around 2000 years ago was just NOW cancelled for speaking truth and disrupting the status quo!!

Prior to the modern liberal invention of Cancel Culture this man had lived well into his 80’s, preaching his gospel to his grandkids. But sadly, this NEW Cancel Culture found its way back in time and he got cancelled. Rather literally at that.

Even as I write this, I’m seeing news stories pouring in from throughout history. Galileo, Copernicus, Joan of Arc, the list just goes on and on of people with new ideas being cancelled by the conservative voices of the day. History is literally rewriting itself. Previously, all this time institutions beckoned progress and new ideas and equal application of laws and norms, but then suddenly Cancel Culture erupts and ripples BACKWARDS through history, causing all of these institutions to start cancelling things they dislike and violently suppressing new members.

Oh my god. I’m just now seeing this. I’m so sorry to report on this. As of today, thousands of black people in the South were lynched 120 years ago in an effort to silence their literal right to be alive. They had ideas of being treated as human, or even equal, of being allowed to own businesses and marry who they choose, but because of today’s liberal cancel culture, and a time machine, suddenly they were murdered by white mobs trying to shut them up and send a warning to other black people to be silent.

Holy shit. I’m hearing right now that they’ve even stripped women of the right to vote starting in the 1900’s and going all the way back in time!!!

Here we lived in a world where for thousands of years women were seen as total equals, granted full voice and platform in society and politics, but now because of this crazy brand NEW Cancel Culture, their right to vote, as well as any respect for their opinions in general, has been cancelled from American and world history. This is just totally outrageous. These liberals have to be stopped or what next?!

No. Oh god, not our movies, not our entertainment, not our art!! Yes. Only now, only because of modern liberal cancel culture, our budding 1950’s Hollywood system has been cancelled. Blacklisted in secret close door meetings, based on false and forced testimonies, not public statements. Careers ended, personal lives destroyed, a generation of our best minds and script writers erased, cancelled, because of the damn liberals.

Oh my god. No. I’m so sorry, it gets worse. I am put in the horrible position of, I am so sorry I have to deliver the news, but President Kennedy has just NOW been assassinated. These freak Cancel Culture time travelers have gone back in time and cancelled JFK for his beliefs. And not just turned off his free market user agreement signed twitter feed, they ended his life. They literally cancelled him.

….oh no, there is no way to prepare you for the shock of what the left can do…but…his brother’s life was JUST NOW cancelled too. And Martin Luther King Jr.’s.

This Cancel Culture is ripping through our history, deliberately wiping out our greatest minds and hearts and voices and sending the message that anyone who attempts to change the status quo will be met with violence. They are cancelling the open and non-violent exchange of ideas.

And it’s all because of this NEW lefty Cancel Culture, pepper sprayed throughout history with a time machine.

Think of poor Mike Pence and Donald Trump. Men who proudly stood for Colin Kaepernick’s right to silently, peacefully protest police brutality. Well because of this time machine, Cancel Culture made them call Colin a son of a bitch and Pence walk out on the national anthem and the entire NFL lose a lawsuit proving their guilt at blackballing Colin for his stance. Is there anything these liberals won’t do?!


Let me be even more direct and blunt because I am sickened and disgusted by the now openly violent rise of the Radical Right.

Cancel Culture is not a thing, it does not exist. It is a branding tool invented by the Radical Right to pretend accountability for one’s actions and rhetoric is an assault on civil liberties. Its very conceit is abjectly revolting, that people in power should be free from dissent or personal liability for their deeds precisely because they are in power; that to be in power implicitly and wholly makes one a victim.

Now, social media has allowed collective moments to spread into mass opinion faster than ever before. The Bernie meme and cat lawyer are two wonderfully benign symbols of how our group mind currently functions.

So yes, it can seem like wildfire when someone’s deeds or words are thrust into the zeitgeist and the group mind deems it inappropriate.

But that is not Cancel culture. That is (and I have to refrain from expletives because this should be stunningly obvious) just Culture. Period. That is, LITERALLY, what culture is. A group compass about what’s what. Constantly morphing and changing.

Again, our modern version is faster because information moves faster, but that’s not a political phenomenon, that’s a technological phenomenon.

Let’s look at the Disney Plus actor Gina Carano. She equated being conservative with being a child in the gas chamber during the Holocaust.

The company that hires her exists in a free market, where contracts are entered into freely and which include clauses about representing said company. Why? Because a business in the free market has the right to choose how it is represented, what it stands for. That’s a free choice it gets to make.

Disney is a “family” company. Blumhouse is a “horror” company.

So, a company whose brand is family finds an employee repeatedly, over months, violates her contract regarding how she represents the company. She suggests that because people disagree with her, she is equivalent to a child being gassed to death. That tops a series of public statements that violated her contract and the company’s desire to represent family values.

Letting her go is not cancelling her. It is a choice any party in any relationship gets to make. If they believe their partner has both violated a contract and/or no longer allies with their values, breaking up is what happens.

She is free to tweet whatever she wants. She is free to work with whomever aligns with the public image she is creating. Nothing about her is cancelled.

What she is NOT is ENTITLED to get whatever she wants regardless of her behavior. She is not ENTITLED to one of the most sought-after jobs in all the world. The choice to be in that role came with RESPONSIBILITIES. Responsibilities she did not want to take on. She made a free choice not to and there were consequences. That’s a properly functioning society.

When a culture decries lying, disinformation, hate, and violence, it is not a “Cancel Culture”. It is a Healthy Culture. It is saying that there are common standards of decency, and that stepping outside of them means you are not ENTITLED to top billing.

Nobody’s getting lynched. Nobody’s getting crucified. Nobody’s being told they’re not allowed to have their personal opinions. As a culture we’re saying that to have a prominent platform comes with responsibility, because your power is amplified by this new technology.

You don’t want that responsibility? You want to lie and spread falsehoods and ignite violence, fine, you are still FREE to do that – but not on the platform someone else built.

No adult should be outside the realm of accountability for what they do and say. That’s called Civilized Culture, not cancel culture.

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