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The Journey

I'm a multi-media artist whose passion is using movement to create form.


I grew up in Montana spending summer days hopping across rock slides, and through a particularly boggy beaver pond. At Amherst College I became fascinated by the movements of cultural tides and their impacts on politics and received my degree in American Studies.

By senior year, however, I'd ripped my mattress off the bed, stapled a canvas to it, and begun my first painting. 

As an actor my muses have been the mask and movement; how a body fields the environment around it, and what it projects back.

I've performed on Broadway, in movies, TV shows, and theaters across America, as well as embodied the iconic web guru Paul Crik.

Along the way my love of the outdoors created an obsession for photographing light on water. Those colors became the literal palette of my  artwork.

A decade ago my love of movement found its way into the pen, where images pour into form as long as I keep pen to paper. 

I now do commission ink work for homes and spaces around the world.

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